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  JDS Rebel Rouser - Barrel Horse Sire"JD" has proven himself an exceptional sire
of horses with speed, agility and a sensible,
  sane mind. These are all traits that are neccessary
in today's barrel horses. Not only must they have
speed and athletic ability but they must be able
to handle the pressures of hauling and competition. 

We have found that his offspring (like their sire)
genuinely enjoy the company of people and as such are willing students and really nice horses to work with.  They have sensible minds and are the type of horse that you can pressure up and they will come back to you.
"JD" himself was well-balanced and had an athletic conformation (good, flat bone, low hocks and short cannon bones).  He was a tall horse but could really handle himself - he could fly into a turn and be gone the other way in an instant.  His balanced build allowed him to be quick on his feet and his pedigree tells you that there was speed to burn here - evident now in his offspring. There are 11 AAA and AAAT horses in the first three generations.
One after another, you can look at JD's foals and consistently see a "quality" to them.  JD was definately what you would call a "producer" - he consistently "outsired himself".  He was everything a stallion should be and an attention-loving gentleman as well.
All of JDS Rebel Rouser's foals are automatically enrolled with the Canadian Barrel Horse Incentive program – he was actually the very first stallion in the program! Scroll down to see a few horses sired by JDS Rebel Rouser.
On June 5th of 2010, God called my beloved JD home.  I am so grateful for having been blessed with him and while I know that he now runs in the greenest of pastures, I can’t help but miss him and wish that my time with him here had been a little longer. 

“Thank you so much for all that you did for us and the pasture full of your “kids” that I so appreciate and enjoy.

Till we meet again my friend…”
JDS Rebel Rouser - Pedigree

Bugs Alive in 75 AAA SI 94
#1 Leading Maternal
grandsire of barrel horses.
1975 All American Winner.
Champion 2 yr old and
High Money Winner.
Top Moon AAAT 1960 Black
A Maternal grandsire
Leading sire of money earners
& race ROM
Moon Deck AAA 1960 Brown
Leading sire of money earners &
race ROM. A maternal grandsire
Rica Bar - 1955 Chestnut
Race ROM
Ralphs Lady Bug 1966 Sorrel
Jacks Jet (TB)
Sire of race & arena ROM
Lady Bug Leo - 1961 Sorrel
S: REBELIQUE - 1982 Black
Montana's leading
freshman sire - 1988.
Proven sire of barrel &
race futurity winners
Rebel Fair 1970 Black
Rebel Cause AAAT 1958 Bay
A Maternal grandsire
Leading sire of money earners
& race ROM. Champ running
3 yr old colt 1961 & aged stallion 1962
Top Deck ( TB) 1945 Brown
Supreme Champion Sire
Bankette 1952 Bay
Race ROM
Trouble Fair 1961 Sorrel
Parkers Trouble 1949 Chestnut
AAA,. A Maternal grandsire
AQHA Champion Sire
Fair Night - 1952 Sorrel
AQHA Champ Race & Arena ROM
Givemalicken 1980 Black
Versatile sire of: Nat reserve
dressage Champ. World 1994 NFR
bulldog horse. 1099 MT leading
barrel racing sire. Producing
broodmare sire. Sire of race ROM
Dash For Cash 1973 Sorrel
AAAT SI 114. A Maternal grandsire
No. 1 leading sire of money earners.
Leading sire of race ROM. World
champion running horse 1976/77.
Champion 6 times at 2 & 3 yrs of age.
Rocket Wrangler 1968 Sorrel
SI 97. Maternal Grandsire
Champ 2 yr old colt 1970
Find A Buyer ( TB) 1966 Chestnut
Race ROM
Twinkley Rocket 1970 Bay
Race ROM
Rocket Bar (TB) 1951 Chestnut
AA., A Maternal Grandsire
Tinkys Lady - 1954 Black
D: TINY BUCKS - 1988 Sorrel
Unraced due to injury
Tiny Sea - 1975 Sorrel
AA AI 89 Race ROM
Duplicate Copy AAAT 1962 Sorrel
A Maternal grandsire
Leading sire of money earners and
race ROM Champ x 3 at 2 & 3
Go Man Go 1953 Roan
AAAT, A Maternal Grandsire
World Champ Running Horse 1955-57
Triple Lady - 1956 Palamino
Irish Sea 1966 Chestnut
Mr Sam S ( TB) 1954 Chestnut
Sire of Race ROM
Miss Jo Kelly 1952 Sorrel
Race ROM

JDS Rebel Rouser - pictured at 16 years of age
JDS Rebel Rouser - 16 years of age
C and C Performance Horses
JDS Rebel Rouser - OFFSPRING
Rebel Drum Beat - by JDS Rebel Rouser
Rebel Drum Beat
Rebel Drum Beat & Kari Bloor

Rebel Drum Beat, barrel horse
owned & ridden by Kari Bloor
JDS Rebel Rouser offspring
JDS Rebel Rouser offspring
Givemagoodace by JDS Rebel Rouser
"Ace" is currently standing at stud at
K Rose Ranch. www.kroseranch.com
Givemapocketrocket by JDS Rebel Rouser
Owner: Nancy Dreger, Plymouth Idaho
Ziandra & Alison riding full brothers sired by JDS Rebel Rouser - May Jackpot 2009
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